Monday, June 23, 2008

This is...

my personal style. This week's theme thanks to kitty's kaboodle. And yes yes I know it's Monday, I'm a day late with the meme thing as usual, but what can you do?

I couldn't pick just one outfit to express my personal style because my style is so eclectic and variant, especially from summer to winter. But here are a few highlights of Natch's summer style: (My apologies for the cruddy bathroom photos... but that's what happens when I have to photograph myself)

Polished Summer Casual:

The Sandals that go with it:

This summer I've been rotating between these (from target, and quite comfy!) and my t-strap Birkenstocks

Lazy Summer Casual, mostly because this is my favorite t-shirt (from Threadless):

And then finally, Summer Classy/Dressy, which I wore to my little birthday celebration this weekend:

This dress was my biggest purchase at Renegade this year and I am head over heels in love with it... even if I did have to shorten the straps. The dress is by this lovely lady.
and the shoes:

which I got from ebay a few years ago and absolutely adore, though they are a tad small and therefore a tad pinchy in the back.

And speaking of Renegade, I know I've kept you waiting on the other photos I promised!
So, here we have my friend Helen and I posing for a photo outside of the Etsy booth:

and then 'the postcard machine' which very much cracked me up. She even said she was smiling for our picture ;)

Since the dress was a large purchase, the only other things I got at Renegade this year were a letter N typewriter key ring and three magnets- 2 for myself with my initials "NB" and pictures of a nest and a bird- how perfect! And an I for Ice Cream for my mother, Ivy, who certainly does love ice cream.

Anyway, sorry for the slightly rushed post, but I've got a surprising amount going on lately... I really meant to post this yesterday, or earlier today.

Until we meet again, check out more "this is..." on three buttons :)

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