Sunday, October 21, 2007

Once upon a time there was a girl named Natch

Wow... last post August 1st... 17 days later I left for college and the rest is history. So, yes, basically, I am still alive, but now that I'm at Cornell I have almost no time to craft, let alone blog. I am doing my best to keep up the visual journal I started in July, though I had to cheat and make September after it happened, and maybe I'll share some of those pages with you at some point. However, other than that it looks like both blogging and crafting will be primarily a winter and summer break phenomenon. So, don't forget me, I'm around, and I miss the crafting community oh so much, but my school work, rehearsals, and choices about what I may be doing with the rest of my life come first. haha. Keep crafting and enjoy, I hope to be back here more permanently soon, though likely it won't be until December. :(