Tuesday, June 26, 2007

As we go on, we remember...

So, I went and graduated on you, how about that?

But this blog isn't about all that, what's most important are my crafty endeavors, eh?

So, I do have a few things I wanted to show you.

First, the bag (remember the one I was knitting on all of those spring break flights?) is done. The pocket isn't shown in this picture, but I finished knitting that as well. All that's left now is to felt it up and put it together. I'm excited :)

I also had a sweet 16 a weekend ago (it's been a while since I had one of those) and had no gift on the day of. So, I whipped up an ipod case (a little messy as I had no real pattern and had never made an ipod case before) and got her an itunes gift card. Overall I was fairly pleased with it. The pictures are awful though as I snapped them as I was running out the door.

I also have a new, many pocketed wallet, to show you, as well as a lace knitted "market bag" I started on, and some plastic fabric I ironed up. However, all this for another day as I prefer to take my photos in the daylight.

Tomorrow I go into school one last time to pick up my final report card and diploma (yes, they only hand us a diploma case at graduation). Then Thursday I leave for a week and a little in Berlin, so I may not post again for a while. However, I do hope to return with lots of crafty and thrifty goodies to show you and will finally be able to show you the great graduation dress which is sadly hidden under my robe in the picture above.

I leave you for now with a nice little graduation appropriate quote I found through some crafty page or another...

"Promise me you'll always remember... you're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think" said Christopher Robin. ;)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Ran away to Renegade

Wow, it's been a long time again, hasn't it? Well, it really is summer now, and I hope to be able to bring you more consistent, continuous, craft filled posts in the near future.

Any the way, this weekend was the Renegade Craft fair in Brooklyn, and it was absolutely spectacular! It my my first time attending the event and my mom accompanied me since Helen couldn't come with (her grandfather passed away, and on father's day- how awful!) :(

Despite the sad news, and once I overcame my shell shock, I had a truly terrific time! While I was still too shy to really say hi to some of my favorite bloggers/craft world idols (such as Heidi and Emily) I did partake in the buying of their wares, which are only that much more wonderful in person. If anyone saw me, I was the sheepish girl with big rectangular sunglasses and a brown t-shirt reading "Natch." (I made it for the occasion, but don't have photos as of yet because it's in the wash- boy it was hot yesterday!)

In the end, I did my best to control my spending (that was certainly a challenge) and came home with:

Two journals (I am so in love with everything this guy makes! These books are blank journals with some of the original pages interspersed and are quite possibly my new favorite thing!) from Jacob at ex libris anonymous. The tuba one is for me (of course) and the other (which also has the most charming illustrations inside) is for Helen. This guy will even make notebooks out of books you send him for only $9 a peach! How fantastic!
And, a beautiful print from Miss Emily at theblackapple which is already hanging on my wall (though still in it's plastic as I have no frame and it is certainly worth protecting)

A used tissue for Helen (I thought it was ironically appropriate... but also darling) from the wonderful Heidi over at mypapercrane. Though I'm wishing I bought something of hers for myself, I kept gazing wistfully back at those cute little milk cartons...
A wonderful monster from Mad Science, who is new to me, but I'm so glad I discovered.
and a cute little clutch from cotton cupcakes, which is the only purchase I'm regretting just a twinge, because I know if I tried really hard, I could have made it myself. (Though not with that lovely owlie fabric...)

I also picked up some fabric (and a free lolly) from the reprodepot booth

and won a raffle at the adorn and knit magazine booths! The bag was filled with yarn and other goodies, and the included crochet hook inspired me to give crocheting another try when I got home...

resulting in my first crochet FOs, three lovely little flowers:

I'm certain I didn't do it "correctly" but I think they came out alright. Now I want to make a cloche hat to put them on. (I tried on and fell in love with this hat at the fair... but $100-$140 for a hat, even as stunning as that, I just can't afford)

More craft and less shop soon. I have a few FOs to blog about. I know you don't believe me, but I swear!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Back In Action

Yes, I know, it has been quite a long time. Well, now that my senior year is drawing to a close, my APs are over, and so are the band concert and the musical (which both went fabulously well), I finally have some time to craft again.

I'll start by sharing something that I made quite some time ago, but it's pretty exciting as I suppose you could call it my first commissioned work. A double sided stamp for someone who plans on using them in their jewelery:

More recently, inspired by the fact that I was unhappy with my summer wardrobe, and still had very little time to go shopping, I also started work on a dress using the fabric I got way back in San Franciso.

No pictures of the dress itself yet as I still need to add straps and hem or cut it to a length, but I think it's looking good so far, and I'm pretty proud as I just made it up as I went along.

However, I did complete the reconstruction of an old pair of jeans into some shorts. I wish I had a before picture, but these were jeans I had played with when I was younger, and entirely destroyed. I had ripped the side seams out to add big triangles of Asian inspired fabric that was now in a state of fray and decay. There were also some crude patches sprinkled over the lower half of the jeans. It's reasonable to say that after this job I never wore them, at least out of the house, again. Recently, I brought them back to life by cutting the pants, ripping the seams open again and removing the fabric, and then sewing them back up to a normal size. I then added the lace to polish them off.

Lastly, I spent memorial day weekend up in the Berkshire's with my Grandparents, and got a chance to pay a visit to Joanne's. I picked up some cute fabrics and discovered some Dritz cover button kits, which I picked up with very little confidence, thinking they wouldn't work well. However, I was elated to find out that I was wrong! I am in love with these little things and my only problem is that now I want more, more, more! However, it'll be a while before I can go to Joanne's again, so I settled for making 3 cute buttons which, no pin backs available, I sewed on to the messenger bag I am now using for school, as the end of senior year has rendered my Jansport obsolete.

the moo print fabric and the matreshkas are both new from Joanne's, while the giraffe is from something older from P&S.

This weekend I also finished up my prom shopping with some great shoes and a bag. Soon I'll be able to show you those fantastic dresses I raved about... prom is on Thursday!

Any the way, I can hardly wait for the move in to summer so I can start making more and more things! ...I'm also excited for my move to college in mid August!
Did I mention I'll be joining fellow crafter Avian Flight at Cornell University in the fall?

I apologize for how long overdue this post was, and for my lack of eloquence today. I hope I can bring you more frequent quality blogging in the future ;)