Wednesday, June 25, 2008

On my desk... per se....

ok, so my desk is actually pretty empty now because it is still fairly clean from last week's revamp, yet my laptop has now migrated back to the couch- go figure. However, I wanted to share what was quite recently on that table my mom and I squeezed into the shower that I spoke of last week.

and the stamp - next to the sink actually, not on the table. Oh technicalities... ;)

Almost everything I used for this project was purchased in my shopping spree last week (which was more than paid for with the birthday money I got from my grandparents yesterday- hooray!), with the exception of my carving tools. The new speedy cut was such a pleasure to work with! (I used to cut all of my stamps from erasers) I was afraid it was a little crumbly during carving, but that did not seem to have a negative affect on my final outcome. I was also extremely pleased with my new brayer, which made inking so much easier, though I do sort of wish I had sprung the extra $6-$7 for the inking plate, which at the time of said shopping seemed so unnecessary. The fabric paint and fabric were also purchased on the same trip and I am really pleased with the colors.

The print is now hanging next to my desk waiting to be washed and cut up for jesse's swatch swap :)

see who else is playing on my desk here


Kirsty said...

That must have taken you ages! I'm impressed.

Apple said...

Very cute stamp!! :)