Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The camera cord is missing.

That means no blog updates, because really, what is a craft blog update without photos? Nothing, in my opinion. Recent news in short:

1. finished the kittyville, no ears. This has been done a while actually, but the ears were still being debated.
2. Helen came over which led to Recycling my (and her) first yarn. Mine was 100% grey merino wool from a goodwill sweater ($7- I know, pricey for goodwill, but still cheapo for lovely yarn!) It's a little skinnier than DK weight, not really lace though, I dunno.
3. Dyed my first yarn. One "skein" (3.5 oz) of the grey recycled + 3 packs of red kool aid + microwave and pyrex = one "skein" of variegated grey-pink-cranberry yarn. So soft and pretty :) (Though maybe has more grey left than I'd like ;P)
4. Finished everything for the owl swap. I'm so happy with the results. But of course, I couldn't post pictures of this anyway.
5. next project= using this yarn for knitty's branching out as a birthday gift for my mom? This might be a little too ambitious.

No pictures, so that is all for now.

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