Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Shopping Spree

Today I went on a craft shopping spree. I woke up on the early side and explored the garment district, including a stop at Daytona Trims, and then went downtown to P&S Fabrics. It was wonderful. Funny, I was also in the Canal area last night for dim sum, bubble tea, and dessert... but that's another story- wonderful as well though, I assure you! Sadly, I did forget to bring my knitting for the long train ride back uptown- the 6 from Canal to 96th- I am making good progress on my kittyville hat, maybe 4 inches or so done? I'm excited :) But now I have even more to work on! ;P

Anyway, when I arrived home, laden with packages, my huge zipper lot from ebay arrived! Yes, that's right, 90 zippers in all length and all colors. Anyone up for a swap?? Haha.

Anyway, here's the haul!

3 beautiful floral/paisley prints. The top one is linen, the others are cotton I think. 1 yard ea.

brown floral cotton and brown paisley cord, 1 yard ea.

Cotton prints from P&S- sewing notions, peaches, floral, and animals.

The whole shabang!
Including: "tape measure" ribbon, magnetic snaps, assorted buttons, thread, 3 yards of fusible interfacing, a plain canvas tote for stenciling, 8 pieces of felt, knitting needles, and the zippers.

Almost all of it was really cheap too!! Of course, add up a lot of really cheap things and you've spent a decent amount... but still, it was worth it ;)

So, yes, I had a fun day. Now to start crafting with it all!!

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