Wednesday, February 21, 2007

An Inspirational Adventure

On Monday, Helen and I went on a craft/inspiration adventure. We didn't end up buying much crafty stuff, but I did get some needed cable needles at school products (I still can't believe I was able to restrain myself and not buy yarn since I didn't "need" any :o) and I got a cute new shirt and sweater on sale at H&M. We did have a great time wandering around in the cold and getting inspired though, and she ended up with a cute pink wool/mohair sweater from goodwill for recycling purposes.

We enjoyed the container store:

wouldn't those wrapping papers make fabulous fabrics?

Discovered a cute Japanese boutique on 19th St:

too bad the fabric was like $9 per fat quarter... I was tempted though... especially by an adorable little print with bunnies. Well, now that I know it's there, I can always go back ;)

who on Earth would blow their nose on these?? So pretty!

And the best part: Since we were in the area, my mom let us raid the "trash" pile at her office... she is the president of a textile mill! We set aside piles and piles of gorgeous upholstery fabric to add to our stashes. I already have 2 specific projects in mind. Since it was heavy, we left most of the fabric there for her to UPS back uptown (or to Queens in Helen's case) but I took my favorite piece home with me:

It's fairly soft for upholstery fabric too... though I haven't decided what to do with this particular piece yet. There were also a ton of great paisleys, florals, and geometrics patterns, including one other print with birds (peacocks I think) which I claimed and a smallish amount of a great print with strawberries which Helen and I are sharing. I foresee I lot of bags and pillows in my future! Any tips for other good upholstery fabric projects?

Otherwise, besides working, hanging out, and doing my vacation homework, I've been working on a lot of stuff for swaps and I've reached the 13th repeat of my mom's branching out. I think my goal is 30... *sigh* it's going well though, and is much more interesting to knit than a plain scarf!

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