Thursday, March 20, 2008

More Craft Therapy

This was started Monday Night and finished Tuesday morning out of a need for more (somewhat) instantly gratifying craft therapy. It is based on the 1 hour bag from ric-rac but took me much longer than one hour ;)
A lot of my supplies are up at school (not that I ever have time to craft while I'm there) so I had to do some improvising. The fabric is from my stash of upholstery fabric from my mom's office (I am very fond of this print though... almost makes me think of Mary Poppins? hah) and I didn't have my magnetic snaps or cover button kits so I made that flap and attached a hook and eye which is a tad annoying, and covered my buttons the old school way... and then attached them with hot glue because they were too sloppy to sew on. haha. Two layers of upholstery fabric meant it was sturdy enough without interfacing though, which is always nice. Anyway, I am very happy with how it turned out, though I do wish I had made it a tad bit deeper. Ah well, it's a pretty perfect size for my essentials ;)

action shot/close up:

Last night there was also some therapeutic brownie baking. I may be doing some therapeutic gaining a pound or two, haha, so much for eating healthy/getting in shape again, I'll just have to do lots of circus this summer. I am going to one class this Saturday before I leave, but I'm going to be a real weakling.

Unfortunately, the rest of my week has been, and will most likely be, too busy for crafting, or much else for that matter. I'm sad to say it, but this may be the last you hear from me until the mid/end of May (I go back to Ithaca on Sunday). Happy crafting all, and I hope to be back this summer in full strength!

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