Friday, April 13, 2007

Across the country and back again

Well, Spring break is over and done, and now it is time to get back in swing with the rest of the year. I had a fantastic time both in Brunswick and San Francisco and was not without crafty things on my mind.

One of the highlights of my fabulous weekend in Brunswick with Mary was the fabulous flea market inside an old mill. There was so much to see and so much I wanted to get my hands on, but I managed a few especially stellar finds, The highlight being a potential dress for prom, Vintage Gunne Sax, for $12.50! I know for a fact the original price was at the very least over $100. It makes my thrifty bones tingle a bit ;)

(I'm afraid I don't photograph myself very well, and can hardly do the dress justice)

I also snagged a few beautiful vintage buttons for about $6 and a fantastic pair of black, gold plated cameo earrings (1920s-30s so the woman who sold them to me said).

I also picked up some fun fabric remnants and a bounty of colorful acrylic felt from a cute everything store in town and a few fabulous deals from the Ralph Lauren store in Freeport. Not to mention that Mary and I had a wonderful time.

Then, after a few days at home, it was off to San Francisco to meet the gang. We saw the sites- Chinatown, Fisherman's Warf, Ghirardelli Sqaure, Japan Center, Haight Asbury, the Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito- and I picked up a few fun things. While I managed, barely, to pull myself away from the kitschy ceramics in Brunswick, particularly a cute squirrel salt and pepper shaker set, I could not resist this little bank in Chinatown for only $2.

I also found a few great pieces in the Haight area at a store called Buffalo exchange, the highlight being this Mark Jacobs sweater for a mere $30. Normally, I am not such a brand oriented person, but beauty and quality can just be so hard to resist.

We has an amazing trip, and got some exercise too while biking across the Golden Gate bridge!

Sorry this post was so much thrift and ramble, and so little craft, but the many plane rides did give me an opportunity to get some knitting done.

I am now well in to knitty's satchel, a project I started especially for these trips and am very excited about.

I also had a chance to test an adorable pattern for a stuffed turtle by everyone's favorite Hillary Lang, but I shall refrain from posting pictures just yet.

More soon now that the window escapades are through with and I am back home in the land of craft.

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